We are a collective of strategic thinkers from around the world, combining our expertise and insight to help you future-proof your business. 

ThinkTent is ideal for businesses that do not have in-house resources, or lack the time to concentrate on business and marketing strategy.

We use our own tried and tested process, to help you take full advantage of your best bits and evolve your business into the one you aspire to.

Low Pain, High Gain...

Where traditional agencies have high cost overheads, we do all our collaboration and client liaison entirely online.

Using Google Drive apps to create, Basecamp to collaborate, and Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp for real time communication, we operate as a highly efficient team whilst having the freedom to work from wherever we are in the world.

That means you'll receive a high quality, thoughtful output that taps into the best minds around the world, at a more efficient pace and cost effective rate.

Once we receive your initial brief, we select the right team of 3 from our boutique, specialist network. This means their expertise and experience is tailored to your unique business needs.


Investigating leadership, key stakeholder and customer (B2B and B2C) perception to provide a bird’s eye view of your strengths to amplify and threats to address.

Addressing any missing links such as the value proposition, customer segmentation, key messages and quick wins to improve the overall existing brand experience and internal processes.

Identifying the big picture growth opportunities including product development, customer experience, business model innovation and marketing. Determining where budget and efforts are best focussed for highest return and long term payback.

We have the capability to get hands on with things like briefing and managing creative agencies, and project management to help internal cross functions stay on track with milestones, reporting and metrics.


Inside the 'tent

We are a virtual agency made up of strategists with diverse specialisations, experience, industries (and attitudes). We all believe that creativity and collaboration breed success, and that when a brand goes to the effort to truly differentiate, it pays off in spades.

Find out how we're disrupting the traditional agency model to deliver a ground-breaking service.