We are a collective of strategists with diverse specialisations, experience, industries (and attitudes). We all believe that creativity and collaboration breed success and we're disrupting the traditional agency model to deliver a ground-breaking service for Clients who are excited by the new possibilities that our unique agency brings. 



Since we are spread across different countries we have the added bonus of taking inspiration from brands around the world. This means our clients benefit from a depth of creativity and imagination that is rare in traditional bricks and mortar agencies.

Our different time zones also means that there is invariably always at least one of us working on a ThinkTank project at any time of day and there is usually someone available to answer your questions. 

Each of us is either a consultant, freelancer, full or part time employee, and/or parent, so we are all experts at utilising every spare second in the best way possible, thinking on our feet, and delivering the highest quality results.


Amy Wilkinson

Brand building, product development, new market strategy, sales pitches, customer experience

Melbourne, Australia

Amy recently returned to Australia after a 10 year stint based in London where she worked in UK and European roles before becoming a freelance marketing and strategy consultant. She has spent most of her career in healthcare and pharma because of her love of the challenge of getting innovative marketing through legal and regulatory approvals. She has also enjoyed dabbling in education, real estate, startups (mindfulness apps and recruitment), and social enterprise (nutritionals).

Amy is an outstanding strategist and a one-person ideas machine.
— Pete Smith, Silicon Milkroundabout

Tanya Menz

Financial Modelling, Business Analysis, Compliance, Governance and Financial reporting

Adelaide, Australia

Tanya has extensive experience in creating, analysing and improving business models and leading businesses to more profitable outcomes. She has a background in pharma and not-for-profits (housing).


Daniela Lanz

Product Development and Launch, Campaign Management

London, UK

Daniela started her marketing career in her home country of Venezuela before continuing to hone her product development, project and campaign management skills in the UK in pharma, medical devices and consumer goods.